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“Optometrists I choose to work alongside with must demonstrate superior clinical expertise. I feel assured that the patients I refer to Eyecare Opticians would receive care to this standard.”

(Mr C T Pillai, Consultant refractive surgeon, Harley Street)

Laser Correction

As a qualified Harley Street laser optometrist, Jaimini is able to carry out a detailed assessment for suitability or simply have a discussion with you to give you further information and advice.

As Principal Optometrist at a prestigious clinic in Harley Street, Jaimini works closely with one of the UK’s leading refractive surgeons and carries out all pre and postoperative assessments for laser correction and lens implant patients.


She is therefore able to give you a thorough and comprehensive examination for this should you require it or answer any questions you may have. In addition, if you have already had treatment or decide to have it all your after-care can be carried out at Eyecare Opticians. Hence, Harley Street can come to you!