Laser Eye Surgery in London: What to Expect?

//Laser Eye Surgery in London: What to Expect?

Laser Eye Surgery in London: What to Expect?

Fed up of relying on glasses and contact lenses to correct your vision?

Laser eye surgery offers unparalleled freedom for anyone looking to eliminate their dependence on eyewear. With one simple pain-free procedure gone is the hassle of prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, leaving you free to engage in an active lifestyle with permanently clear vision.

But how does laser eye surgery work? How long does laser eye surgery last? And why should you book your pre-assessment with Eyecare Opticians before the procedure?

Surgery can sometimes seem an intimidating prospect, but as a qualified Harley Street laser optometrist Jaimini Fofaria offers in-depth pre-assessments to assess your suitability for surgery and answer all your questions.

She is our Principal Optometrist, working closely with a team of Britain’s best refractive surgeons and receiving extremely high laser eye surgery reviews from hundreds of satisfied patients. At Eye Care Opticians we’re proud to offer her expert advice throughout your laser eye journey – from comprehensive pre-surgery examination all the way through to post-surgery aftercare.

But first things first, how does laser eye surgery work?

Laser eye surgery can correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism through a simple, pain-free procedure in which a cool beam laser modifies the shape of your cornea to correct any imperfections. If you’re shortsighted, the surgery will flatten your cornea, if you’re longsighted, the surgery will curve it. This process alters the point where light reaches your eye, thereby permanently correcting your vision.


Your surgeon will strive to achieve the highest possible vision for each individual patient and every step of your treatment will be tailored to your prescription. This attention to detail yields fantastic results, with 100% of our pre-assessment patients achieving driving standard vision post-surgery, whilst 99% achieve 20/20 vision.

What should you expect from a pre-assessment appointment for laser eye surgery London?

Although the majority of patients are suitable candidates for laser eye surgery, some may have a prescription that requires a different solution, so it’s important for us to assess your suitability before the procedure. Prior to the assessment, you should stop wearing contact lenses for at least four days so we can examine the surface of your eyes unhindered by the side effects of contact lens wear.

During your 45-minute appointment, Jaimini will chat with you about your lifestyle and reasons for opting for surgery to understand your specific requirements. She’ll then examine your eyes to ensure they’re in good health and take detailed scans of your retina. If you are a suitable candidate we’ll be able to chat through your treatment options, recommend a surgeon and talk about next steps.

Why choose laser eye surgery in Harley Street?

Laser eye surgery is an incredibly safe procedure, with high success rates when patients choose a highly qualified surgeon. Jaimini works with a team of the industry’s most experienced medical professionals, including by globally-renowned Harley Street laser eye surgeon Dr. C.T. Pillai.

Dr. Pillai is the Medical Director of Advanced Vision Care clinic and is one of UK’s most respected, highly trained and experienced Consultant Refractive Surgeons

With 25 years’ experience under his belt, Dr. Pillai specialises in refractive surgery and remains on the forefront of ophthalmic research to ensure all our patients are served with the very best technology and techniques.

He was one of the first consultants in the UK to conduct bilateral LASIK surgery and has performed over 15,000 successful procedures. For the latest laser eye surgery reviews, read up on the Advanced Vision Care website.

What are the benefits of laser eye surgery London?

Laser eye surgery London is safe, quick and painless, it frees you from eyewear, boosts your confidence, improves your sports performance and gives you better all-round vision. Not to mention that a 20/20 prescription post-surgery can reduce the accumulative cost of regular eye exams, contact lens subscriptions and replacement glasses over your lifetime.

Now you know how does laser eye surgery work, you might be wondering how long does laser eye surgery last? The procedure itself takes around 12 minutes, but the vision correction is long lasting with the majority of patients experiencing near-perfect vision for 20+ years post-surgery. However, although laser eye surgery London permanently corrects your vision, the natural aging process can lead to slight deterioration in your eyesight as your eyes mature.

Laser eye surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world, with over 40 million procedures successfully completed to date. So if you’re interested in permanent vision correction through laser eye surgery Harley Street, book a pre-assessment with Eyecare Opticians today.

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