Myths about eyes ?

//Myths about eyes ?

Myths about eyes ?

There are a number of old wives’ tales about the eye and vision, some of which are outrageously impossible with others having enough believability that they deserve to be dealt with.

Myth #1
Wearing glasses all the time will make you dependent on them and your eyes worse without them

Truth: Wearing glasses will NEVER make your eyes worse. Some refractive errors (prescription for glasses) increase with time and if you are a glasses wearer this can appear to be responsible, but is not the case. In addition, once you have enjoyed clear vision with glasses it often seems your eyes are worse without.

Myth #2
Contact lenses cannot be worn if you have dry eyes

Truth: False! There are a number of new contact lenses made of materials specifically for those with dry eyes or those who work in drier environments (air conditioning, computer based work), meaning many people who were deemed unsuitable in the past are now wearing lenses comfortably. A comprehensive contact lens fitting and discussion with an Optometrist would include a dry eye assessment and the appropriate lenses could then be fitted to suit your needs along with any required treatment for dryness.

Myth #3
Sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyes

Truth: Children often sit close to the television as it is easy for them to focus up close without straining their eyes. This then often develops into a habit. Although there is no evidence that sitting close to the TV will cause permanent damage to your eyes it can be a symptom of myopia (short-sighted). A routine eye examination with an Optometrist would confirm this.

Myth #4
Children are unsuitable for contact lens wear

Truth: With the correct guidance and regular clinical care children of any age can safely wear contact lenses. These can have a positive impact on their ability to take part in sports for example, and be a great confidence booster in a number of ways.

Myth #5
I can’t wear contact lenses because I need varifocals
Truth: There are a range of contact lens options that enable clear vision at all distances enabling nearly anyone of any age to wear lenses!

Myth #6
I do not need an eye examination if I can see properly

Truth: This is absolutely untrue and the most important from this list of myths. It is true that an eye examination will detect vision errors and the prescription for glasses/contact lenses can be determined. However, the most important aspect are the health checks. These include the pressure of the eye (to detect glaucoma) and examining the retinas (back of the eyes). Many eye diseases, for example, Glaucoma, do not have symptoms in the early stages. This means that without an eye examination they would go undetected and can lead to blindness. In addition it is possible to detect high blood pressure, diabetes and tumours by looking at the back of the eyes.
An Optometrist will issue an individual recall based on their findings. This is usually 1-2 years in adults and 6months-1 year in children. It is a short time to give up for something as important as your vision.

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