Presbyopia at Christmas: Struggling with the Small Print

//Presbyopia at Christmas: Struggling with the Small Print

Presbyopia at Christmas: Struggling with the Small Print

Christmas is a time for family, festivities and feasting, but for many of us over the age of 40 it can also be a season of frustration, frustration with small print.

Presbyopia – is a natural part of the ageing process which everyone will experience to some degree, even if they’ve never had to wear glasses before.  You may start to have issues reading a book or using your smartphone at close range and find yourself holding text at arm’s length.

You might find it harder to read in poor light conditions, strain to read small print and experience headaches or eye strain. Symptoms are particularly noticeable when the days are shorter and darker, making winter a frustrating time when all you want to do is curl up by the fire with a book or order stuff in the January sale on your tablet.

Presbyopia is caused when your eye’s lens hardens, losing some of its elasticity and its ability to adjust focus to see things at close range.  When you first notice the symptoms it’s all too easy to live in denial about changes to your eyesight, but Eyecare Opticians can prescribe you presbyopia correction eyewear or contact lenses for presbyopia, transforming your vision and slowing further deterioration. Presbyopia affects everyone, and we can prescribe glasses to help your vision adjust to these natural muscle changes.

presbyopia correction from opticians in kingston

There’s no fix-all presbyopia treatment, but one you’re diagnosed there are an array of simple solutions to seamlessly correct your vision. The first solution you might consider is a pair of presbyopic glasses.

These work by adjusting the way light enters your eyes, helping them accurately focus light onto your retina. They are available with single vision lenses, bifocal lenses or varifocal lenses to correct areas of vision depending on your individual needs.

  • Single lenses – simple single lens reading glasses have been the traditional presbyopia treatment for hundreds of years, correcting your vision at close range. However, these glasses are solely for reading and won’t adjust to enable you to see at longer distances.

reading glasses for presbyopia


  • Bifocal lenses – these lenses are portioned to enable close-distance vision in the lower part and long-distance vision in the upper part. This split gives you the convenience of not having to remove your glasses whenever you want to read and be able to see further away.

bifocal glasses for presbyopia correction


  • Varifocal lenses – most of our patients now opt for varifocal presbyopic glasses which seamlessly enable clarity of vision whatever the distance without constantly having to change eyewear. These are the optimal solution, with the upper part of the lens enabling long-distance eyesight, the central part of the lens optimised for middle distances and the lower part of the lens helping you to see up close.

varifocals for presbyopia correction

But what if you prefer to wear contact lenses?

Once presbyopia hits, many contact lens wearers lament that they’ll have to swap to specs, but these days we can prescribe high tech multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia in both daily and monthly forms. This form of presbyopia correction works by concentrating different powers of vision in different parts of the lens, either in a concentric or segmented design.

Our favourite contact lenses for presbyopia are Acuvue’s lenses for presbyopia and their 1-Day Multifocal lenses.

contact lenses for presbyopia


contact lenses for presbyopia

Laser surgery could also be an effective presbyopia treatment.

Recent research found that the majority of British adults find it difficult to read the small print on TV ads, so new advertising regulations will see fast-running small print banned from TV adverts. Coming into power in March, the rules aim to serve viewers who struggle to read important information as it lands on our screens.

So, if you find yourself straining at your Christmas cards at arms-length, contact us to book in for an eye test and see if we can prescribe a simple solution for your presbyopia.

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