‘Topsy and Tim’ at Eyecare Opticians

//‘Topsy and Tim’ at Eyecare Opticians

‘Topsy and Tim’ at Eyecare Opticians

For those of you who don’t know  is a series of children’s books written by Jean Adamson and Gareth Adamson about twins and their adventures. They were first published in 1960 and were relaunched in new editions in February 2003.

Since 1960 more than 130 Topsy and Tim titles have been published with sales of more than 21 million.

In 2013 a live-action series was made for CBeebies, with 3 series so far having been produced.

Eyecare Opticians was chosen to be featured in 2 episodes of the third series when Grandma takes Tim for an eye examination. The outcome being that he is diagnosed with short sightedness and  prescribed spectacles.

The episode starred our very own Optometrist Jaimini Fofaria.

The episode helped break down common misconceptions about having an eye exam eliminating any anxiety children may have. The earlier children are booked in the sooner the Optometrist can diagnose and treat eye conditions . Thus minimizing future eye problems.












If you missed the episode watch this short clip

In the second on the two episodes filmed Tim is excited to collect his new spectacles. Watch the episode on Cbeebies on the Wednesday 4th November 2015 at 5pm. 


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